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Facebook Both Bookings & Specials

FaceBook BookingsWhen you purchase both Special and Bookings we will build out your online database system to accommodate your, seasons rates, images and up to 5 products and 2 specials for you. You may add additional special and products on your own (manuals provided).

We will set up your inventory module as “request to sell” (no inventory tracking or allocation and request are not confirmed). We recommend that you use the Freesell option (all bookings confirmed unless you block them. Freesell allows you to offer confirmed bookings to your guest via the online system.

All arcRes modules have detailed written and video instructions for you to maintain and monitor your system.

Cost: $100 for first month and $50 PM each subsequent month

Authority Network Marketing

In this package we create  a plan for your campaign, build your social network, write the press releases and create the videos, flyers and authority content.

Authority is something you must have in order to influence search engines, travelers and to create your digital foot print. As we move out of the age of persuasion into the age of participation, your digital authority and trust are paramount.

It includes

1. Consultation and Keyword research  >>>
2. Building Your Social Network: >>>
3. Message Focused Video Production (3 months, 1 per month). >>>
   | video distribution |  video comments  |
4. Press Release Copy and Distribution. 1 per month. >>> (see press section)
| PR Promotion and Followup|
5. Blogs/Articles Copy-writing Publication
| Backlinks of forums comments | on blogger sites  | on articles
6. Flyer/brochure Production, Placement and Distribution eg: Barbados By Nature
Magazines may also be deployed
7. Publishing/Marketing, Monitoring and Tweaking
8. Social engagement | Private Content Distribution Networks
Based on plan and results we may also suggest pagckages, special travel blasts and dDirect Mail Marketing (email)


Create authority for the brand personality.
Produce high quality and engaging content.
Establish relevant backlinks.
Increase rank in search results. Increase bookings.

The Total cost is $750 initially and $750 per month, min of 3 months Min is $3,000
Client website must be optimized for current SEO Standards.

SocialIndex arcRes Bonus Starter Pack


Website & BookingsBuy arcRes Marketing or e-commerce components value at $1400. Then Get 1000 $ bonus on SIE starter.

arcRes bonus Starter Pack

Conduct Thorough Keyword Research


  • Script it
  • Video and voice over
  • calibrate images
  • Publish video – optimize YT channel
  • Post to other Social power networks


  • Produce articles and post them to your blog ( 1,2,4)
  • Post to your blog
  • Post to other Social power networks
  • Embed video we produce in 4

Strategic linking

  • Strategic linking – AXSES network PR4 (3 month)
  • Several PR6 links ( inc with G.

Pack cost: $1800
Pay: -$750

Travel Blast
You will already have arcRes publishing systems. For this campaign we will assist you in setting up a Promo which we blast out to the travel trade for you. This gives you visibility across many channels and increases your social index.

Marigot Beach Club Monthly Billing

Website & BookingsDelivered
* Billed
1. * Bookings Engine for Website $25pm
2. * Special marketing $25pm
3. * BookingsStlucia Direcory listing $25pm
4. * Facebook Bookings and Content Management $25pm
– Free
5. – BookingStlucia Search/Themes
6. – Social index engine
Special Promotion on Travel2ExoticPlaces, article marketing, video blast, blogs, Social Index
1. Extra Video Blast to 30 plus sites Promoting Marigot Beach Club and area
2. – Press Release on MBC, Noted also in Travel2ExoticPlaces and Social IndexEngine PR
3. – HubPage Romatic Holidays promo

TOTAL Monthly Billing 4 modules at $25pm: $100 pm

To Checkout With Credit Card (not PayPal Account) see DEMO

Booking Engine – Rate Plans Option

Set up Rate Plans for business customers and affinity groups like AAA, Travel Agent FAM, Firemen and any other group you want to give a special rate to.

You can also set rates for channels and for Best Rates when booking direct on your website.

$50 US Setup | $25 US monthly (after 30 days) / per property

Booking Engine – Booking Partners Option

Booking Engine - Booking Partners OptionAllows hotels and tourism activity suppliers to partner and cross each others’ products.

Travelers booking on your arcRes-powered booking engine will be encouraged to book a hotel/activity with your partners.

All bookings are referenced to the partners.

$50 US Setup | $25 US monthly (after 30 days) / per property

Booking Engine1a-annual

Website & BookingsarcRes Easy-to-use Booking Engine that integrates with your global marketing and publishing.

arcRes rates, special and packages can be integrated with your own website, with the AXSES affiliate network, mobile websites, smartphone applications, Facebook pages and 100s of travel channels.

$275 US Annual recurring