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Rates & Content Installation

We provide extensive tutorials in both a manual and in videos.

We also offer individual training and full installation setup and management.

With this module, an AXSES consultant will set up your seasons, units, rates, photos and content for you.

$125 US one time / per property

Content Manager / Training

We offer individual training on loading and managing content in arcRes bookings, marketing and publishing.

arcRes advertising can be controlled with both the Rates Management option (bookable-ads) and with Standard Advertising that can display a standard rate that does not require Season Rates Management.

For full bookable-ads you will need the Rates Management unit.

$50 US one time / per property

arcRes BookingsChannel / Themes

specials-themesMarket your products in our theme channels.

Similar to Specials, but not necessarily a special promotion; all rooms and products are displayed in the theme shopping channel.

$50 US Setup | $25 US monthly / per theme
3 months free