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Facebook Both Bookings & Specials

FaceBook BookingsWhen you purchase both Special and Bookings we will build out your online database system to accommodate your, seasons rates, images and up to 5 products and 2 specials for you. You may add additional special and products on your own (manuals provided).

We will set up your inventory module as “request to sell” (no inventory tracking or allocation and request are not confirmed). We recommend that you use the Freesell option (all bookings confirmed unless you block them. Freesell allows you to offer confirmed bookings to your guest via the online system.

All arcRes modules have detailed written and video instructions for you to maintain and monitor your system.

Cost: $100 for first month and $50 PM each subsequent month

Facebook Posts Specials

specials-for-facebookAutomatically post and display travel specials on your Facebook page and advertise them on your Facebook Wall.

arcRes Facebook Posts lets hotels and tourism suppliers build special promotions and advertisements for displayed specials by date.

The advertisements can be displayed to all Facebook users, or you could restrict viewing to just Facebook Fans.

By providing extra value for Fans only, you provide an incentive for liking the page and build a loyal Fan base.

$50 US Setup | $25 US monthly

Facebook Bookings/Content Managment

FaceBook BookingsLet arcRes load your hotel and travel products, photos, rates and brand information directly to your Facebook Fan Page.

You may also set up Special Group Rates for Fans (optional extra). Changes in arcRes will automatically change your Fan page.

  • Saves time in loading, setting up and managing pages. 
  • Gives travelers instant quotes and ability to book directly from your Fan pages.
  • Add a Special Promo option to create posts that can be seen on Fans’ news feeds and shared with their friends.
  • When you subscribe to arcRes Marketing for Facebook, a whole set of Social Media marketing options are available. An AXSES consultant will contact you to offer the best social media package for your market

$50 US Setup | $25 US monthly (after 1 month) / per property