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Authority Network Marketing

In this package we create  a plan for your campaign, build your social network, write the press releases and create the videos, flyers and authority content.

Authority is something you must have in order to influence search engines, travelers and to create your digital foot print. As we move out of the age of persuasion into the age of participation, your digital authority and trust are paramount.

It includes

1. Consultation and Keyword research  >>>
2. Building Your Social Network: >>>
3. Message Focused Video Production (3 months, 1 per month). >>>
   | video distribution |  video comments  |
4. Press Release Copy and Distribution. 1 per month. >>> (see press section)
| PR Promotion and Followup|
5. Blogs/Articles Copy-writing Publication
| Backlinks of forums comments | on blogger sites  | on articles
6. Flyer/brochure Production, Placement and Distribution eg: Barbados By Nature
Magazines may also be deployed
7. Publishing/Marketing, Monitoring and Tweaking
8. Social engagement | Private Content Distribution Networks
Based on plan and results we may also suggest pagckages, special travel blasts and dDirect Mail Marketing (email)


Create authority for the brand personality.
Produce high quality and engaging content.
Establish relevant backlinks.
Increase rank in search results. Increase bookings.

The Total cost is $750 initially and $750 per month, min of 3 months Min is $3,000
Client website must be optimized for current SEO Standards.

SocialIndex Brand Marketing Planning & Consultation

SocialIndex Brand Marketing Planning & ConsultationIn this session our team will evaluate your website, check your website’s strategic internet-friendly information, look at your competition, you Unique Sales Positioning (USP) and your Strategic opportunities. We will then suggest a course of action and of course give you our book along with video tutorials that will help you understand all about online marketing and the new media.

We need to create an initial plan for:

  • components—channels and tactics we should use with your markets and how they will integrate with each other,
  • content we need to develop (videos, articles, messages, offers, etc.),
  • order in which we will introduce each channel,
  • special reports and sales channels you may need,
  • web presence, landing pages, mini-sites,
  • estimated costs and target results.

It’s likely new opportunities will arise during the course of implementing and managing your program. It’s also likely that some tactics will prove more effective than others. In either case, we will modify the plan accordingly.