Specials & Packages Marketing

Specials & Packages MarketingPublish/Bookable-Ads to 100’s of sites

  • Advertising & Bookings sites: CaribbeanVacationSpecials.com, VacationSpecialDeals.com, BarbadosVacationSpecials, StLucia, Dominica, Adventure-Travel-Destination & Adventure Holidays(i), Romantic-Holiday-Destinations (ii) & etc.
  • 3rd party shopping/advertsing brands: Google Shopping, Craigslist, ezines and article sites like HubPages.com
  • AXSES network of sites like RealHolidays, CaribbeanHopping, TravelAgentRes and others where advertisers may be featured on a random basis.
  • Mobile: iPhone and Smartphones Travel Shopping Applications
  • Syndicated to RSS Travel Sites and subscribers