SocialIndex Video Blast1M (p/month)

SocialIndex Video BlastPublishing and managing blogs and video on an ongoing basis is essential to continue to build your influence and expand your brand recognition into new niches. An aggressive campaign would require several new video monthly along with daily blogging, Press and active social media participation. It requires careful timing, and extensive distribution to 100’s of sites that will impact your visibility and your rank. You need to be seen where The Search engines are looking. In this starter campaign we will market and manage content and video creation, distribution and timing for you:

Posts will be made to your own Social Network, to our network and to affiliates. We also encourage you to post 3rd party content to your site so that it is not only self promoting. Our exchange post formula allow you to also post your content to appropriate 3rd party sites. This is an option social proof service that we manage for you when you subscribe to a campaign. The network is dynamic and growing all the time. It gives you huge exposure in the right places

1. A Strategic video per month- determined on keyword analysis. This will be published to you tube and your network. We will also publish this out to our collaborative network and include in key blogs.

2. A blog per week. Post to Twitter, Facebook and your social network. The blogs will reinforce the keyword strategy and expands as appropriate.

3. Weekly we will review and optimize your YouTube presence, like others, subscribing to influencers and inviting suitable candidates.

4. Each month we will compile a newsletter summarizing the blogs and news you provide us with.

Min = 3 months!. 1 month may be purchased with a single blog.